Blogger Azeem Khan Has Opened A New Pandora's Box On The Issue Of Accusing Women

Blogger Azeem Khan recently explains the case of women who accused him of harassment and threatening to rape.

Blogger Azeem Khan Has Opened A New Pandora's Box On The Issue Of Accusing Women
Saba Qamar, Ujala and Azeem Khan

Azeem Khan recently made headlines when actress Saba Qamar expressed her desire to marry him in the future.

Saba Qamar said in an interview that Azeem Khan is a Pakistani-born Australian blogger and YouTuber and is getting married in the future.

After Saba Qamar announced her intention to marry Azeem Khan, some women named Ujala Ali Khan had levelled allegations of sexual harassment against the blogger.

Ujala shared a photo taken with Saba Qamar in Dubai on social media and asked the actress to open her eyes and learn from her before marrying Azeem Khan.

She had claimed that Azeem Khan had sexually harassed her, and now she was being threatened with death and rape.

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Although Azeem Khan had earlier shared the video statement after Ujala's claims, which he had deleted. He has now opened a new Pandora's box in another video in response to the allegations levelled against him.

Azeem Khan shared a 7-minute video on Instagram and made shocking revelations about the women who accused him and said he was being punished for telling the truth.

Azeem Khan claimed that, in fact, he was a part of private chat groups set up on social media by the accused women, and inappropriate things were said in the said chat groups.

Azeem Khan and Saba qamar

The blogger said that the women who accused him did not tell the whole story. She only accused him of being harassed and threatened with rape.

According to Azeem Khan, the allegations against him started when he started arguing with women in a private chat group and telling the truth.

Azeem Khan said that by sharing the boys' social media profiles and posts in the said private chat groups where inappropriate comments were made on them.

He alleged that the woman who accused him was the admin of a group chat where only those were added who supported homosexuality and disagreed with Tariq Jameel's posts.

According to him, millions of people were involved in the said chat groups, and in one such group, inappropriate things were said about a pregnant woman and her family, on which the said woman lost her pregnancy.

He made a startling claim that women in a group used to post very inappropriate posts, which is definitely not part of Pakistani culture.

According to Azeem Khan, in a group chat, women used to post that it was their husband's birthday and she wanted to give him a special birthday present and then ask other women for inappropriate opinions.

In the video, he claimed that he disagreed with the said private chat groups' posts and spoke the truth, which led to him being punished and charged. 


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At the end of the video, Azeem Khan quotes Saba Qamar as saying that he loves her and will convince her and wait for her.

Azeem Khan claimed that Saba Qamar did not care about the allegations levelled against him and responsible for whatever happened. Saba Qamar was not to blame in this case.

In the video's caption, Azeem Khan wrote that he was not releasing the video for clarification but was answering questions about the allegations against him.

He captioned his post that now he understands how much and what is the punishment for telling the truth?

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