Borat Sequel Is Here And The Critics Have Spoken!

Sacha Baron Cohen Unleashes Hilarity And New Monsters With Borat Subsequent Movie Film

Borat Sequel Is Here And The Critics Have Spoken!
Sacha Baron Cohen

Borat, a film and character widely known and popular around the world has made a come back after 14 years and critics have a lot to say.

The original movie Borat - Cultural Learnings of America with Make Benefit Glorious Nation, was a huge hit on the box office and has been termed as one of the wittiest mockumentary for the decade. The character of Borat was Thought and curated by Sacha Baron himself and he took the liberty to show a perspective most Americans are guilty of having but shy away from admitting. Catching people off guard with their thoughts, that movie was a masterpiece according to the critics and the masses.


Now the sequel to the infamous movie has arrived called the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Critics have already taken a liking for the character of Borat and how intelligently he focused on the hypocrisy of the masses, so the sequel ignited much anticipation as the original movie had raised the bar quite high.

The sequel has brought scenes where eyebrows will not only raise in amusement but also in sheer horror. Despite the thriving content of Borat subsequent, critics have pointed out some simple flaws that couldn’t have been helped by the director or by the actors.

Firstly, the character of Borat has gained fame and recognition since the first movie and that alone was a huge factor to hide and disguise Sacha Baron in new ways, which weren’t done badly but critics say it’s done so smartly that it takes away from the character of the naive journalist of Kazakhstan that Borat was in the original movie.

Sacha Baron Cohen Borat

Other things pointed out by critics is how Borat’s original movie opened a window in the lifestyle and thoughts of Americans 14 years back when YouTube pranks or social media didn’t have this surge and power. Now thousands of channels are making documentaries, shows and mockumentaries on which people openly give an account of their views and thoughts without batting an eye, which has taken away the thrill of what Borat had accomplished in 2006.

Critics have also pointed out how Borat Cultural learnings of America was not pushing any specific agenda or topic and hence earned the medal for being a timeless watch. Whereas Borat Subsequent movie film raises topics like the #Metoomovement, corona virus, the presidential elections and other controversies around Trump, the movie is also releasing just 2 weeks before the actual elections so it’s difficult to call it timeless and to enjoy this for ages to come.

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