Britney Spears Wants Controlling Dad Out!!

Spears’ Appeal To Expand Her Legal Team Granted

Britney Spears Wants Controlling Dad Out!!
Britney Spears & Jamie Spears

38-years-old pop icon Britney Spears unlocked a small achievement in conservatorship case against controlling father Jamie Spears.

Spears will now be allowed to expand her legal team after a petition was granted. 
Britney Spears after a few public breakdowns that made headlines everywhere is now looking to remove her father Jamie Spears from her conservatorship, which has been on going for 12 years.

A movement #FreeBritney is also launched by fan of Opps I did it again singer Britney Spears. The movement has a considerable amount of people who believe that Britney Spears is being abused emotionally and psychologically by being held down against her will. People voice how she is old enough and mature enough to handle herself, her career and her money. Since many years fans register their protest against the unfair control on Britney Spears despite her constant calls for help wanting out.

Britney Spears was not present at the hearing but father Jamie Spears, who has recently gotten out of treatment for ruptured colon was at the court. Jamie Spears argued the petition as he thinks expanding team will lead to extra-unaccounted expenses. Jamie Spears is daughter Britney Spears’ conservator since 2008 and became sole conservator after attorney Andrew Wallet gave in his resignation from the role of co-conservator in 2019.

Britney Spears

Britney’s legal team is pushing for everything that’ll make her life easier and they are trying to get her permission to control her finances and career decisions.

“Britney strongly believes it is consistent not only with her personal best interests but also with good public policy generally that the decision to appoint a new conservator of her estate be made in as open and transparent a manner as possible,” Ingham wrote.

Britney Spears

Spears is petitioning that her temporary conservator, Jodi Montgomery, take on the role permanently. The petition says: “Britney … strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role.” Currently Britney Spears’ biggest expense is the $130,000 annual fee she has to pay her father as her conservator, which also lets him hold onto her state and finances.

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