CarryMinati: A New Addition to Stardom

Carry Introduced A New Normal To Humor Which Is Not So Unfamiliar

CarryMinati: A New Addition to Stardom
Ajey Nagar

Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati has set a new trend in the world of YouTube. He has everything which is very common but his unique presentation makes him a star of YouTube. His target audience is youth which is obvious from his communication tone and abusive slangs. Though, his roasting style is very aggressive but his audience enjoys whatever he says.

Ajey Nagar is associated with YouTube since he was just 12 years old. He tried different amateur areas which polished his skills and increased the sense of presentation.

He starts his every video with his signature line ‘Tou Kaise Hain Ap Log’ ‘How are you guys’ which is very popular among a YouTube user because it is said in a very unique tone by Carry. In the transition of Carry Minati, apart from his struggle and hard work, there are certain factors which have played a vital role to make him a star. He is a 12th grade failure who later on quitted his education but luckily he had taken all the right steps which enhanced his brand value like any other successful brand does.

Signature Style

Carry continued with his signature style when he had a very thin layer of his fan base. He trusted his style and never changed the elements which his fan base enjoyed. After 6 years, he still carries the same style.

Communication & Connection

He still treats his fan base as his partner and always communicates with them. His audience always got which they demanded from Carry. This trait of his communication binds his subscribers with him. He still plays online games with his fans.

Up Gradation Of Skills And Tools

A video content producer without a significant editing knowledge and experience is like a shark on the sand. One can be afraid but can kill it easily. Carry knows his script and edits his videos on his own which actually keeps the message as Carry wants his audience to experience.


He re-styles his room, cover pictures and other related elements which present him as a brand. He upgraded his room interior and uses a wall as a background which has CARRY MINATI written in unique font style.



He produces roasting videos but he is also a rapper which provides his audience a variety of content to enjoy every side of Carry Minati.

Interaction Methodology

Initially, he did not prefer face cam videos which is very difficult to edit without a budget associated with it and it is also time taken but he shifted his interaction with the audience although it reduced the frequency of his video which was a risky but right move. This transition changed everything and at last, the year 2019 made him what he wanted to be.

In 2020, his song ‘Yalgaar’ got 6th position in YouTube worldwide trending list. It got 105 million plus views and still counting shows the love and support of Ajey Nagar’s fans.