CBI Wants FIR Against Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sisters To Be Dismissed

CBI Backs Sushant's Sisters Against Rhea

CBI Wants FIR Against Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sisters To Be Dismissed
Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput's murder case has dominated the headlines in India throughout 2020 and it doesn't seem like it is going away any time soon. In fact, the topsy turvy case swings one way or another all the time and has cast major shadows across Bollywood.

Now that Rhea Chakraborty has filed an FIR against Sushant Singh Rajput's sisters, the tables seem to have turned the other way and eyebrows have been raised once again.  

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), during a hearing in the Bombay High Court on Wednesday, opposed the FIR registered against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters.

CBI told the court that Rhea Chakraborty could have approached the investigating agency if she had any evidence against Sushant’s sisters related to the actor’s death case and it all feels a bit like vengeance and a witchhunt on Rhea's part.

The agency further stated that the allegations levied by Rhea against the actor’s sisters were “presumptive and speculative”, and could have been a part of the CBI probe.

CBI Wants FIR Against Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sisters To Be Dismissed

Backing the petition filed by Sushant’s sisters Priyanka Singh and Meetu Singh, CBI told the court that Rhea’s complaint is “vitiated and bad in law” and should be dismissed.

Rhea had lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police against Priyanka and Meetu for allegedly helping their brother in procuring banned medicines with the help of a fake prescription.

Now she has filed a petition in the High Court not to dismiss the case against the actor’s sisters.

On the ongoing probe in the Sushant death case, CBI told the court:

"The CBI is conducting investigation meticulously and professionally without being hindered by any external factor and would thoroughly look into each and every aspect relating to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput in a fair and impartial manner."

However, the Mumbai Police, through Nikhil Kapse, senior inspector, Bandra police station, filed an affidavit and opposed the plea filed by Rajput’s sisters, seeking to quash the FIR against them.

"According to the informant (Rhea), the criminal conspiracy is, obtaining fabricated prescription based on falsehood may have led to the administration of psychotropic substances without actual examination of Rajput and may have caused and contributed to suicidal death of the actor."

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