Celebrities Defend TikToker From Social Media Bullies

Areeka Haq Defended By Pakistani Celebrities After Getting Trolled

Celebrities Defend TikToker From Social Media Bullies
Saba Qamar, Asim Azhar and Areeka Haq

Social media is a dark and scary place, and celebrities are often under the radar. Each movement and each action of theirs is tracked, dissected and opined upon by the public and celebrities usually come under heavy criticism for their actions, or lack thereof.
Unfortunately, social media is also a platform for bullies to troll and abuse people they don’t see eye to eye with, all through the convenience of anonymity. Areeka Haq, a famous Pakistani TikToker, found that out the hard way. Her only crime was debuting in Asim Azhar’s upcoming music video.
Recently, singer Asim Azhar shared a still shot from his upcoming music video ‘Tum Tum’, in which he and Areeka Haq can be seen sitting near a swimming pool. 


@areeka__haq ✨

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Following the post, many celebrities praised Asim Azhar for promoting new talent and showered love on the picture. Hania Aamir commented that she cannot wait for the upcoming video while Zara Noor Abbas and Imran Ashraf commented that they were proud of Asim Azhar for supporting new talent.

Areeka Haq Falls Victim To Online Bullying

However, in a bizarre turn of events, the TikTok sensation, Areeka Haq, started receiving tons of hate on social media following news of her featuring in Asim Azhar’s music video going viral. It seems that Pakistanis haven’t learned anything from the recent tragic suicide news of Sushant Singh Rajput. Following Sushant’s suicide, social media was full of posts from Pakistanis asking their fellow countrymen to be kind and considerate of other people’s feelings. However, the same people seem to have forgotten their lectures on morality and have started targeting Areeka Haq. 
With her pictures making rounds on social media and being seriously bullied, Areeka went into serious depression as she posted an Instagram story, “Depression bhi deni hai phir baad main afsos bhi krna hai.

Areeka Haq Story

Celebrities Come To Areeka Haq’s Rescue!

Soon after Areeka’s heart-wrenching story on Instagram, Asim Azhar posted a tweet guarding the young TikTok star, emphasizing on how bullying and hate speech can affect the mental health of an individual and drive them towards severe depression.

Soon after, one of Pakistan’s most accomplished and renowned actresses, Saba Qamar, posted a tweet, defending the young star from the pitiful bullies. 

Many other celebrities like Zara Noor Abbas, Yasir Hussain, Imran Ashraf and Hania Amir were also vocal in their support and admiration for the young TikTok star and praised Asim Azhar from giving young artists a platform to showcase their talent.

Tum Tum Asim Azhar

We certainly hope that Asim Azhar and Saba Qamar’s tweets knocked some much needed sense into the heads of online bullies and prompted them to do some serious self-reflection.

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