Celebrities Show Solidarity With Uzma Khan

Pakistani Celebrities Raised Voice ‘Justice for Uzma Khan’

Celebrities Show Solidarity With Uzma Khan
Celebrities Show Solidarity With Uzma Khan

The most highlighted incident after PIA Plane Crash in Karachi is now Uzma Khan’s viral videos. Earlier this week, actress Uzma Khan along with her sister Huma Khan were beaten up badly by three women who barged into their house from nowhere.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani starlet claimed that the women who broke her house were close relatives of Malik Riaz, one of the richest business tycoons of Pakistan. She also requested to file FIR against them which is been registered.

On Thursday, The Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari tweeted and wrote, “FIR registered in Uzma Khan’s Case.”

However, celebrities and the whole fraternity is demanding justice for Uzma Khan on different social media platforms.

Actor and choreographer Osman Khalid Butt raised his voice and tweeted, “Raising a voice for two women who were verbally & physically harassed, their property & bodies violated, where there was utter contempt for law (& due process, a phrase you love to throw around when it's a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment) ≠ endorsing infidelity.”

Famous actress Hania Amir posted a short video in which she condemned the act completely.

The Bin Roye actor Armeena Rana Khan tweeted about the incident and said, “Relationships are private but THE LAW is public. Where this crosses a line is when armed men without legal writ storm a private residence and inflict violence upon unarmed citizens. THIS is the MOST concerning aspect of this whole sad incident.”

The legendary actress Sakina Samo motivated Uzma Khan for showing bravery to stand for herself, “You are fighting against the rich and powerful. You may lose the battle but it’s good to know you are fighting. Hope they get a little horror for terrorising/ hurting you 2. Sending you prayers.”

Not only the celebrities, media and journalist are also ashamed of this act by realtor’s daughters.

Leading anchor and journalist Jasmeen Manzoor tweeted with a hashtag ‘Shame’ and wrote, “Disgusting shameful these women better be arrested and the entire media should voice it strongly. Who are they to do this have they made a state with in state? Pakistan is not their Jageer they might have power to buy but not everyone is for sale.”

Well, we do hope and pray that justice prevails this time.