Chocolate And Mood Swings

Does Chocolate Have Any Effect On Our Mood Swings??

Chocolate And Mood Swings

Chocolate has become a popular food product among adults and children due to its rich flavor and sweet taste. But does chocolate have any impact on our moods? You might think it’s a No, but the answer is, Yes!

You must have seen many crafty and girly videos where they show some relevance of chocolate and period. The concept is clear that there must be some reaction to our minds and moods. Apart from being delicious, it also has health benefits if having a concentration of 70% of cocoa or more; the pure, the bitter.

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Who doesn't love chocolates, and knowing the benefits of what essentials you are having would help you consume it smarter than just dessert.

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Many kinds of research have shown that chocolate elevates the mood both negatively and positively. Eating chocolate releases hormones of happiness in our brain, which revives our spirit and instantly makes us feel better. It does not mean you can consume chocolate every time you feel low as it contains rich carbohydrates, which may cause heart diseases.


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Consumption of chocolate while your menstrual period makes sense. Since it is the time, you don't want to mess with anybody and wanna sit alone watching Netflix with a bowl of crunchies and chocolates. It provides energy to the body to fight your menstrual syndrome and lowers your cramps' pain, leading to a happy you.



It is the rule of nature that everything feels good if consumed within a limit, and so is the chocolate. Excessive amounts of chocolate would give you anxiety. You'd feel blues for no reason because it has enough caffeine and magnesium, which affects the brain in the similar way marijuana does.

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