Christian Betzmann Is Now Claiming He Left Zoya Nasir

He's taking charge to end the engagement with Zoya Nasir, and he's proud.

Christian Betzmann Is Now Claiming He Left Zoya Nasir
Christian Betzmann and Zoya Nasir

Christian Betzmann is a German YouTuber who came to Pakistan to make his tourism vlogs over the country; he received immense love from the people of this country for his work. However, Pakistanis got upset over his classisms and insensitivity showed after his views over Palestine and Pakistan.

It all started when Christian jumped onto the bandwagon and threw some insensitive remarks over the Palestine issue and Pakistan; his target was to taunt the people of Pakistan taking social media forum to raise voice for Palestinians. 

Soon after his remarks, Zoya Nasir announced the news.


A post shared by Zoya Nasir (@zoyanasir)

"With a heavy heart, I have to announce Christian and I are no longer engaged or going to be married, "says Zoya. It was due to the vlogger's take on Palestine cause. He threatens to block the followers who ask him to speak for Palestinians and highlighted the messages of people telling him he's wrong; he would specify the rude messages from followers and say, "Coming from the Islamic State of Pakistan, very Islamic words, Mr." 

That was not it; Betzmann highlighted the death rate of third world countries and highlighted Pakistan, saying, "It's better to go and pray as praying is the only thing third world countries can do." His offensive and rude remarks were lashed out by many on social media platforms.

Zoya called off her engagement and here's wishing her a happy future, but Christian is now saying he ended this relationship. 

While replying to a comment, "I left her, but that's a different story," told Christian. It wasn't crucial that who broke off the engagement, but Christian took it on his ego and claimed that he was the one to take this decision.

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