Clean Your Makeup Brushes Within Seconds By Using This Hack

Save your time and energy by trying out this hack!

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Within Seconds By Using This Hack
A handy hack to clean dirty makeup brushes!

Every time you see your dirty makeup brushes, do you think of cleaning them? Well, cleaning the brushes isn’t a piece of cake! Besides, the murky pool of water that the brushes leave behind, it is time  consuming too. 

dirty makeup brush

But if you are planning to give your brushes a scrub soon you may try out this handy cleaning hack. Believe me; it will save your precious time.

To try this hack you just need a Castile liquid soap and a household kitchen item ‘stainless steel sieve.’

To get this job done, fill your sink with water and add Castile liquid soap that lathers naturally – no chemicals necessary which means no damage to your brushes.

brush 1

The next step is to dip the brushes in the mixture. Spin it around in the sieve to remove any stubborn eyeshadow, powder, bronzer and foundation.

brush 2

This simple process literally takes a matter of seconds!

brush 3

You can clean the sink after opening its drain and reuse the stainless steel sieve for baking. See how handy these sieves are!  

So, next time when you plan to clean your makeup brushes do try this super-easy cleaning hack. 

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