Clickbait Based On The Story Of Youtuber Sara And Asad Released On Amazon

The web series 'Clickbait' is based on Pakistani YouTubers' story leaving each other behind on YouTube last year.

Clickbait Based On The Story Of Youtuber Sara And Asad Released On Amazon

Amazon Prime's popularity has grown over the past few years, and last year's lockdown boosted its popularity in Europe and Asia.

Clickbait, which was initially released on Amazon, was first released on YouTube in late 2020. The web series was created by Imagination Pictures.

The story of Clickbait' actually revolves around two YouTubers' disputes, but the web series also features well-known Pakistani content creators.

Although the story of Clickbait is fictional, the viewer feels that the series's story is based on reality.

The story of the web series is written and produced by Rida Zehra.

Although there are only two main characters but their battle to overtake each other is the main story of the series. 

Clickbait was shot not only in Pakistan but also in Thailand, and it has been filmed so that the viewer perceives it as a real story of YouTubers and not a fictional one.

Producer Rida Zehra has played the role of 'Sara' in the series, while Asad's role has been played by well-known YouTuber Sami Rehman, who got fame due to his production of Bekaar Films.

The web series has 6 episodes, and each episode is based on less than 10 minutes duration and was appreciated in other countries, including Pakistan.

Although Pakistani users will watch 'Clickbait' for free on YouTube, now people from countries like UK, USA, Japan, and Germany will also watch the series on Amazon.

Referring to the series, Rida Zehra, the writer of Clickbait, said that although there are all kinds of content on YouTube, there was no such content, which gives an idea of the life of digital content creators themselves.

She said that people generally think that it is easy to become a YouTuber because such people believe that YouTubers just create and upload videos, but people do not know how hard work content creators have to make videos. 

She also spoke about the difference between content made for TV and internet content and said that 63% of Pakistan's population is under 30 years of age, and the content shown on TV doesn't fulfill the requirement of that audience.

According to her, if the people who produce content for TV also create such content, keeping in mind a large segment of the population, they will surely be successful.

She advised the young YouTubers to create unique and acceptable content for a large population like the Clickbait team so that they too would become successful. 

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