Consuming Sugary Drinks Can Cause Serious Health Issues

Studies suggest Sugary drinks cause high Risk of heart disease and stroke in women

Consuming Sugary Drinks Can Cause Serious Health Issues

According to a new US research, consuming one or more than one sugary drinks can create a high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A team of researchers at University of California San Diego underwent a study which included women, aged in between 50-52. Around 106,000 women who were free of heart diseases, diabetes and stroke were enrolled in the study.

The selected women were asked to give proper details about the consumption of sugary drinks. Elaborating ‘Sugary drinks’ include caloric soft drinks, sweetened bottled waters, tea, sugar-added-fruit drinks but not 100 percent fruit juices.

On the other hand, researchers used hospital records to determine the strength of heart strokes, attacks and clogged arteries during the course of study.

American Heart Association published an open article which revealed that the younger participants who drank the most-sugar sweetened beverage experienced obesity and less likely to eat healthy foods.

The report also said that those participants, who drank one or more than one sugary drink every day, may carry a 20 percent risk of cardiovascular disease, a 21 percent risk of stroke and with a 26 percent risk of angioplasty.

The variations in the risk of cardiovascular diseases may change due to the consumption of different type of sugary drinks.  

Cheryl Anderson, who is the lead study author commented, “Although the study is observational and we can hypothesize that sugar may lead to heart diseases in several ways.”

He further added, “Too much sugar in the blood may cause stress and inflammation, insulin resistance, unhealthy cholesterol profiles and type 2 diabetes.”

American Heart Association suggested that women should restrict sugar consumption to 100 calories a day (around 6 teaspoons) and men should consume no more than 150 calories a day.

The researchers have given a suggestion to drink plenty of water which is the healthiest beverage without any additives.