Corona Awareness Recital by Ali Gul Pir In a Regional Language

Studio Rokhan has made different animated videos in various regional languages.

Corona Awareness Recital by Ali Gul Pir In a Regional Language
Ali Gul Pir

As the spread of COVID -19 has reached its peak in different cities and small areas in Pakistan, therefore, it is vital to provide awareness to the citizens.

As this outbreak is worldwide so through different awareness programs, the government is making sure that every individual takes precautionary steps properly.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, many celebrities and actors have come into play to provide awareness through short video messages on Television.

Not only the actors, even a Deputy Commissioner gave a performance and ad-lib the song “Suno na, suno na”. Naveed Shahzad Mirza who is DC Hafizabad, changed the lyrics of the song into precautionary steps for coronavirus.

Geo film production ‘Donkey King’ also rendered their services and produced an animated informative video.

Apart from our national language, Ali Gul Pir as usual showed his creativity and dubbed an awareness video with Studio rokhan in his regional language “Sindhi.” It is a worthwhile initiative taken by Waderai ka Beta to render his voice in that animated short video.

Studio Rokhan has already worked on videos in Urdu and Pushto to bring awareness, this time it is Sindhi.


Three cheers for Studio Rokhan for taking such creative initiative!