Could Not Remove Makeup Last Night? Here Is How To Reduce The Damage

This must have happened to all of us but try not to do it often!

Could Not Remove Makeup Last Night? Here Is How To Reduce The Damage
Could Not Remove Makeup Last Night? Here Is How To Reduce The Damage

Quarantine and lockdown has done one good thing for the women as they are not wearing too much makeup nowadays. A much-needed break is been given to our skin and for this gratitude to the novel virus.  Well, don’t think that if you are not stepping out then you do not require any sort of cleansing or skin care as this can also cause damage.

Let me share the basic drawback of sleeping with the makeup on is that it clogs your skin pores. So when you are waking up, your skin is dry and crusty. Surely you need to be gentle enough to take care of it. Here is how you can reduce the risk of damaging your skin.  

1. Touch-me-not

I am sure the first thing which we all do early in the morning is to touch our skin. If any bump or bruise appears then we scratch it with the nail, this is what we all do mostly. But remember, your skin is like a touch-me-not. Your pores are already clogged so no need to scratch or make it worse.

makeup scratching


2. Double cleanse your skin

The common practice which we usually do is to cleanse our face with a face wash to remove the makeup. But wait, this one is the overnight makeup, so obviously you need to put in more effort. So start with an oil/balm cleanser or at least an oil-based makeup remover and then follow it up with a cream or foam cleanser. Avoid using any harsh cleanser as your face is already been stripped off.

makeup cleansing


3. Traces of mascara or liner inside the eyeballs

Few pieces or traces of mascara or eye liner can penetrate into your eyes and can give you a hard time. So just cleanse your eyes with some water or use some cooling eye drops. 

makeup eyeballs


4. Assess the damage by observing closely

Once the product residue is off, observe your face closely to see how much damage is been done. Does it feel too dry and crusty, is your T-zone acting up, how many new breakouts you can see? Have a close look before coming onto a conclusion for a treatment plan.

makeup close look.jpg


5. Use a mask

Avoid using a mask if you are heading to your work or have limited time. This applies to the situation when you have time. Use a clarifying mask if too many breakouts are visible. If you are feeling flaky then use a sheet mask. It’s totally your choice.

makeup mask


6. Serum

Remember your skin needs its hydration back. A vitamin C serum can hydrate your skin properly. It can reduce dullness and can return your freshness. Using the serum with a regular moisturizer can work best.

makeup serum


7. SPF

Application of sunscreen should be the most important step of your skin care routine. Also, try to have a no-makeup day!

makeup SPF.jpg

A valuable tip to protect your skin from damage is that change the pillow cover before sleeping the other night. The reason behind this simple tip is that the cover must be exposed to the makeup and surely you will not need to re-hydrate your skin the next day. So save your time and skin!