Cricket And Music Fans Showed Anger After Listening To PSL 6 Song

'Groove Mera' Was Released Yesterday

Cricket And Music Fans Showed Anger After Listening To PSL 6 Song
Aima Baig, Naseebo Lal and Young Stunners

PSL 6 theme song 'Groove Mera'  which is sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and hip hop band Young Stunners was released last night.

After the video of the song came out, it was viewed 1 million times on YouTube in a few hours. The video of the song also went viral on social media and fans shared various memes on it. After listening to 'Groove Mera', most of the people started liking the songs of previous seasons of PSL. Although, PSL Five's song 'Tayyarr Hain' was also criticized last year but after listening to Naseebo Lal and Aima Baig's song 'Groove Mera', fans realized that last year's song was way better.

After listening to PSL 6 anthem, many fans praised Ali Zafar's songs for the first three seasons of PSL. They tweeted that no one has been able to compose songs like A.Z. Fans also demanded him to release his version of the anthem for Pakistan Super League 6.

After listening to 'Groove Mera', some people wished that they would not listen to this song at all.

Some fans tweeted that they cried after listening to the PSL song.


Some people even made memes on the poetry of the song, they asked themselves, 'Do you understand? And answered themselves, "No."

One fan shared a photo of the song and wrote that his mother kicked him out of the house with the TV after listening to the song. 

Most people expressed frustration with the song. 

But some people also praised some of the scenes in the video and tweeted why did they like the song?

A fan shared photos of a scene of Aima Baig and wrote that he liked the song because of it. 

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