Current Favourite Bodyshop Products

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Current Favourite Bodyshop Products
Bodyshop Products

Bodyshop holds a nostalgic bond attached to it, being almost everyone's goes to place for their skin regime. The body butter and lip balm have stepped up a standard for returning customers. Especially, the brand's ethics and cruelty-free products have a cult following. We have a list of body shop products that always remained the favourite, and passing by the gorgeously fragranced shop will always tempt you. 

Drops of youth collection: 

Drops of youth collection

Drops of youth is a perfect range to select in your late twenties to control the early signs of ageing. The range includes serum, face wash and moisturiser enriched with glycerin, stem cells and natural oils, all suitable for ageing skin. It's exactly the right way to maintain your anti-ageing defensive skincare regime. 

Strawberry body yoghurt: 

Strawberry body yoghurt

Who doesn't know about body shop body butter? But now the body yoghurt is gaining fame too. Just like the face, your body needs equal concentration too. The body yoghurt feels feather-light on the skin. And the fragrance is awe-inspiring.

Body shop tea tree range:

Body shop tea tree range

The entire range of tea tree was the most hyped for those suffering from acne or post-acne during teenage. The tea tree oil itself could be diluted into your creams and definitely helps to prevent and dry out acne. 


The body shop born lippy lip balms:

The body shop born lippy lip balms

The lippy lip balms never run out of anybody shop fan's collection. The multiple flavour lip balms leave your chapped lips moisturised and plumped. 

Vitamin E range: 

Vitamin E range

The vitamin E range has been there from one of the oldest collection. The vitamin E face wash and moisturiser gives an instant boost of moisture to your skin and provides exact nutrients of vitamin E to make your skin healthy.

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