Dad And Brother Didn't Talk To Me For Many Years When I Came To Showbiz, Sadaf Kanwal

When I Started Modeling, My Father Did Not Talk To Me For 2 Years, While My Brother Did Not Talk To Me For Many Years: Sadaf Kanwal

Dad And Brother Didn't Talk To Me For Many Years When I Came To Showbiz, Sadaf Kanwal
Sadaf Kanwal

In an interview, Sadaf Kanwal said that she is from Balakot but studied in Karachi. When she started modeling, her father did not talk to him for two years while his brother did not talk to him for many years. My mother left this decision to my will.

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The supermodel opened up, "There are a lot of mean people in the showbiz industry, there are a lot of friends but the one who doesn't do us any harm at our back is only the family because they care about you, no matter how spoiled your relationship with them."

Sadaf Kanwal Family

Regarding women's education, Sadaf Kanwal gave her two cents that education is very important for a woman. She advises the girls to complete their education first and then do whatever they want.

The actress said that women from the showbiz industry, do a lot to look attractive but I only do laser therapy.

In an answer to a question, she said, "Everyone is a hypocrite, sometimes I have to be too. Someone will talk to you in a good way, so I would respond likewise."

In another question to advise her colleagues, she responded that Sajal Ali should keep her hair long, Mehwish Hayat should lose weight, she should become thin. While regarding Maya Ali, she said that she has become very thin and should increase her weight a little. Hamza Ali Abbasi should lose weight while Imran Abbas should lose…… makeup.

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The model said, "Not every actor is for the big screen, for example, Sajal Ali looks very good in TV dramas but she will look like a kid in movies." She also added, "I have received many awards for my modeling but I want that Best Actress Award."

Referring to the criticism on social media, Sadaf Kanwal said that most of the girls in the showbiz industry smoke cigarettes. She does not know about other types of drugs but I used to smoke too. 

"Those who call girls' smoking bad, they don't even know how many women smoke in their own houses. No one should say bad things about anyone. A girl will do what she wants. She is not your sister or daughter, she has her own life."

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