'Daily Routine' Mukhtar Baji: A Female Village YouTuber Is Getting Threats

Her villagers are threatening to share the portion which she earns from YouTube!

'Daily Routine' Mukhtar Baji: A Female Village YouTuber Is Getting Threats
Mukhtar baji: Pakistan's female YouTuber!

Mukhtar Baji- a simple village woman who owns a Youtube channel ‘Daily Routine’ is now being threatened by the people around her. 

In this patriarchal society, emerging from a small town near Lodhran called Jalla Arain, Mukhtar Baji created a YouTube channel ‘Daily Routine’ as his eldest son ‘Abrar Ali Arain’ insisted. Abrar who has recently completed intermediate bought a mobile phone and introduced YouTube to his mother. Keeping faith in Allah and his son, Mukhtar Baji started a new venture.

Earlier, Mukhtar Baji was a field laborer who used to harvest wheat and cotton on her fields to make living. After creating her channel ‘Daily Routine’ her main focus is to upload her videos there.

What she does on her channel is that she just posts videos of her routine chores. Her channel is fairly new but due to the virtuous and wholesome content its gaining popularity. The thing which captivated the audience was her entire mud house which is usually called Kaccha ghar in our national language.  

mukhtar baji

From then on, she started adding more details to her videos on regular basis. She has garnered around 200,000 subscribers and her videos notch up viewers almost triple that amount.

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Like many other YouTubers, the lady also uploaded a Question Answer session in which she disclosed her earning from the channel. She got herself in a tight spot as she revealed her monthly income of 60,000 to 70,000. The people whom she considered her own are now threatening to give a share from her earning or hand over the channel to them.

To share this, baji again uploaded a video in which she told her viewers about the torment which she is going through. She opened up about the threats which she is receiving to have her son kidnapped and killed. Or else to involve them in such a legal case from which they would never be able to get through.

A simple lady who lives with her children alone is shaken by the threats and is taking a massive toll on her health. She is not letting her children out of her sight because of the fear. Adding to it, she requested her viewers to stand by her as she would not back down. Mukhtar Baji also warned those people who are threatening her to put a halt otherwise she will expose their names and they would be humiliated.

After all this, DPO Punjab visited her and took an action against the culprits. Recently, Mukhtar baji uploaded a video to pay gratitude to her fans for the support. 

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