Depression In Woman: Natural Ways To Overcome Sadness

Kick out 'I am hopeless' feeling out from the window!

Depression In Woman:  Natural Ways To Overcome Sadness
Depression in woman can lead to sadness

Being sad is a typical reaction in different situations which can go away after sometime. But, being depressed is something different! It is a mood disorder which can have a great impact on your daily life. From sleeping to eating, handling situations and working, depression can ruin everything!

Comparing depression statics in between men and women, due to biological, hormonal and social factors that are unique in women it affects more to them.

Before reading this article further, you need to identify first the symptoms of depression.

Women may likely:

  • Feel persistent sadness, anxiousness or empty mood
  • Restlessness, irritation or excessive crying
  • Loss of sleep and appetite
  • Weight-loss or over-weight
  • Loss of energy or feel low
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Finds difficulty in taking decisions, concentrating and remembering

Being depressed can make you feel alone and helpless. Fighting back with a strong determination is your key to success and you can overcome with this by getting a therapy and treatment. Natural treatments may include changing your lifestyle, physical activities and even how you perceive things.

Here we have few tips for you to feel better, so better start now!

Set a routine

According to a psychiatrist, a depressed person needs to set a daily routine which can help him to get on track.

depression set routine

Set certain goals

The feeling ‘I cannot do this, I am hopeless!’ needs to be kicked out. Set some goals for yourself and better start working on them. Start from a very small goal which you can achieve easily, it can be cleaning the dishes everyday too. Increase you level by adding challenging task for yourself.

depression set goals

Eat healthy

Well, there is no magic diet that can fix your depression. You need to look down into your plate before eating! Adding healthy foods which may have omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna with spinach can make you feel better.

depression healthy diet

Get a good sleep

That’s hard to even close your eyes if you are depressed but making slight changes to your lifestyle can make it better. The first thing which you need to remove from your room is the ‘distraction.’ TV, computer and mobile phones should not be your friends before sleeping.

depression sleep

Set a time for going to bed and get up at the same time every day.  In time, you will notice a good change in your sleeping habits.

The last thing which you need to do is to enjoy life. Plan such things which you enjoy, even if they feel like chores. Relearn how to do everything and believe me you will find joy in those things again!

depression enjoy life