Desi Skincare Techniques

And When We Say Desi - It Means ‘Homely’ Products!

Desi Skincare Techniques

Skincare always comes to the utmost importance for girls. No matter how glamorous we look after the makeup, we still want that skin to glow even without it. 


There are numerous brands in the market available for every skin type, from high-end to the low price tag, but the essence of natural things can never be replaced. 

Natural items can give you tons of benefits for your skin. All you have to do is; choose the right combination!

Here are some terrific combinations to reduce your efforts searching for it.

Natural items for facial

Aloe Vera And Turmeric

Aloe vera is a transparent gel of the plant that has many benefits; eating  or applying it depends on you. The massive benefits of turmeric are at their place. The combination of two practical things can give your skin that amazing glow which you might be wondering. The gel makes your skin settle and dewy, while turmeric reduces all the pigmentation and dead skin. Yayy, this combo do works! 

Aloe Vera And Turmeric

Lemon And Soda 

This ultimate bleaching combo gives your face terrific results. It helps you eliminate all the dirt from inside the pores and cleans whiteheads easily. The acidic reaction of lemon juice with bi-carbonate soda reacts with aggressive bubbles; apply that bubbly juice to the place you are having dirt and rub it gently, then rinse it off with water. There you have the most glowing skin! 


Sugar And Honey

This combination is so friendly to the skin and makes the perfect scrub, especially for sensitive skin. Scrub this gently and get rid off of every unwanted muck from your face. The honey tightens up your skin, and sugar helps to make the scrub. 

Sugar And Honey

Limiting yourself to your budget, have a perfect glowing skin! 


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