Destigmatize Mental Health

Letting it out is healthy; talking about is important; and prioritizing ourself is not a crime.

Destigmatize Mental Health

Have you ever been at a social gathering and felt anxious around so many people? And instead of clarifying your social anxiety, you gave the excuse of tiredness and left the first chance you got? That reluctance to share your mental state is because such issues aren’t considered ‘normal’ despite how common they are.

 Many people have challenged this stigma, and have publicly spoken out about the importance of acknowledging mental health. One should feel comfortable enough to talk about their mental well-being, and others should be sympathetic towards these issues rather than dismissing them. For example, taking a day off because you may be feeling increasingly depressed, is a valid reason to do so.

mental health

That said, we should all continue to learn as much as we can about mental health and how to take care of ourselves in regards to it. Feelings cannot be controlled; processing emotions takes time and is not a sign of ‘weakness’; letting it out is healthy; talking about is important; and prioritizing ourself is not a crime. 

Awareness and education are the first steps towards a society where mental health is given the status it deserves. Be it educating your family members, or helping out a friend, or even directly approaching the issue by initiating campaigns or advocating on social platforms, every contribution makes a difference. Taking care and nourishing a mental wound is as important as healing a physical one. Just because these wounds may not be obviously visible does not mean that they do not exist. 

At the end of the day, the stigma surrounding mental health has to be destroyed not only for our own wellbeing, but for the welfare of generations to come. We should focus on our abilities to bring about change, and even you can take the first step towards a better social environment!

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