Different Shades of Bilal Abbas

Written By Omair Alavi

Different Shades of Bilal Abbas
Bilal Abbas

Pakistan is blessed to have young actors who don’t want to be typecast on TV. Unlike their predecessors who took the time to make a name for themselves before going diverse, these youngsters unleashed their talent from the very start of their careers. Bilal Abbas is one of those actors who excel at both the good and evil characters, the naïve and the-boy-next-door roles and is the only actor who is part of not one but two web-series commissioned by upcoming OTT platform Zee 5 in Pakistan. Let’s analyze the different shade of Bilal Abbas Khan and how he has evolved during the last few years.

Rasm e Duniya (ARY Digital, 2017)

Bilal Abbas made his entry as the main lead of a TV drama through this (late) Roomi Insha drama where he played the character of the dutiful son. His Faris lost the love of his life Haya (Armeena Khan) to his elder brother Harib (Sami Khan), only to find out that the elder sibling had some psychological issues of his own. Written by Imran Nazir and supported by legendary actors Jawed Sheikh, Samina Peerzada, etc., Bilal’s performance as the meek brother was spot on as he failed to do anything for the girl he loved. The audience sympathized with his character a lot, because of his strong acting, however, this wasn’t the last time they would do so.

O Rangreza (HUM TV, 2017-18)

Bilal Abbas made his mark felt in the presence of Noman Ijaz, Irsa Ghazal, Sajal Aly, and Omair Rana in Kashif Nisar’s O Rangreza. As Qasim, his pairing with Sajal Aly was loved by all, especially since he played the cute cousin, and she played the fiery one. He literally played the boy-next-door character who takes it upon himself to save his aunt’s family by getting married to his elder cousin’s girlfriend (Sonia Mishal) instead of Sassi (Sajal Aly), the girl he loved. Even after two years, the drama remains etched in the viewers’ memory who at that time believed it to be Bilal’s best performance.

Balaa (ARY Digital, 2018)

And when Zanjabeel Asim Shah and Badar Mehmood entered Bilal Abbas’s life, they made it a lot happening. In Balaa, he played Taimoor, the cousin of Nigar (Ushna Shah) who sort of plays the title characters. Although the viewers wanted Taimoor to realize the truth as his family members were falling dead right, left, and center, he understood what was happening but it was a little too late. His performance as the tormented guy was so natural that when he did change the gears, in the end, the viewers were in fact rooting for him!

Cheekh (ARY Digital, 2019)

From tormented in Balaa, Bilal Abbas became the tormentor in this Zanjabeel Asim Shah - Badar Mehmood collaboration. In a drama that revolved around Saba Qamar’s Mannat and the mysterious death of her friend Nayab (Ushna Shah), Bilal Abbas got the chance to prove his mettle as an actor. In the initial episodes, the audience got to know that Wajih aka ‘Raja’ (Bilal Abbas) was the murderer, but he kept acting like an innocent soul who couldn’t even hurt a fly even if he wanted to. However, when Wajih showed his true colors, everyone on his side stood behind Saba Qamar and wanted his character to pay for his crimes.

Pyar Ke Sadqay (HUM TV, 2020)

And finally there was this gem of a drama that not only tackled multiple issues but also helped the audience forget Cheekh’s Wajih. As Abdullah, Bilal Abbas’s character here was bullied by his stepfather (Omair Rana), and it was because of his hold over him that Abdullah could neither speak two sentences without stammering, had no confidence in his abilities and even after getting married couldn’t get intimate with his wife, because his stepfather told him to stay away from her. Directed by Farooq Rind and written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, Pyar Ke Sadqay helped Bilal Abbas gain back the audience’s sympathy and trust. What seemed like an extension of Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi ended up carving a separate identity for himself, and Bilal Abbas must be credited for doing that in the presence of stars like Yumna Zaidi, Atiqa Odho, and Omair Rana.

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