Different Ways To Style A White Shirt

An Elegant Wardrobe Staple

Different Ways To Style A White Shirt
White Shirt

When "I have nothing to wear" thoughts take over your mind, a simple white shirt could be blessing your day. Whether it's years old or a never worn purchase, a white shirt looks as good as new. There's always a way to get creative with your white tee. It will look chic in every way you style it. Either it's a button-down tailored shirt making the whole outfit elegant, or a cotton white T-shirt, you can pair it with anything. We've pinned down the styling ideas you can wear on a dinner night, office day or casual shopping spree. 

Style It For Office Day: 

Style It For Office Day

Wearing a crisp button-down shirt at the office is always a good plan. The look is entirely comfortable, and you can accessorise it with pair of heeled boots for a classier touch or wear it with simple high waisted pants. 

Style It For Dinner Night: 

Style It For Dinner Night

For a playful yet stylish look, wear a blazer with a white shirt styled under it. It is a Meghan Markle inspired look. You can also wear a button-down white shirt with pair of trending leather pants and a bold statement necklace on top of it, paid it with your nude heels, and you're all good to go. 

Style It For A Weekend: 

Style It For A Weekend

For a weekend, pick your casual white T-shirt and style it with your mom jeans. The best kind of look will come with a tucked-in shirt. If it's a weekend night out, pick your white shirt with a trending denim skirt that will be outstanding for all the attention. Want to look more relaxed by putting in fewer efforts? Tie a knot with your button-down shirt and pair it with dark blue jeans.

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