Disney World Reopens Amid Rising Coronavirus Numbers

Disney World's Reopening coincides With Spike in Covid19 Cases

Disney World Reopens Amid Rising Coronavirus Numbers
Disney World

The global Coronavirus pandemic has put a halt on all entertainment, fashion, and public gatherings of any sort since March. It has been a frustrating time for everyone and businesses have felt the full brunt of the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown during this period. 

The Walt Disney World Resort, also called Walt Disney World and Disney World, is an entertainment complex in Florida, in the United States, near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee. It was developed by Walt Disney in the 1960s and is considered to be one of the most magical places on earth.

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The Florida theme park reopened its gates on Saturday and it has already come under heavy criticism for taking the Coronavirus pandemic lightly, amid a rising number of cases in Florida.


This comes after Florida on Sunday broke the national record for the biggest single-day number of positive coronavirus cases in any state since the beginning of the pandemic.

The reopening of Disney World has sparked outrage on social media.



In Orlando, Disney World reopened two of its four parks — the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom — after four months of closure. 

Disney World Reopens Amid Rising Coronavirus Numbers

The park carried out temperature checks at the entrance and hand sanitizers were also readily available. Disney said it was enforcing social distancing of six feet at attractions and inside shops.

It said:

“By visiting Walt Disney World Resort you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19,”

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