DIY Hair Mask That Will Add Life To Your Hair Care Routine

Achieve Your Aspiring Luscious Locks

DIY Hair Mask That Will Add Life To Your Hair Care Routine

Hair, especially after going through constant heating, coloring, and styling, needs proper care. It is evidently shown after tensed-up hairstyles, the hair loses the texture, and heating is the oldest enemy of perfect hair. Stimulate your hair growth and have a moment of relaxation with a prosperous result with our DIY hair mask. 

Coconut hair mask: 

Tell us a better duo than coconut and moisture. Well, coconut is an ingredient that you will find hiding right in your kitchen; then grab it and try this hair mask to lock the moisture. The advantages your hair can take from coconut oil are endless; along with moisture, it will prevent hair breakage. Honey adds multiple rich nutrients for the natural gloss of moisture that the hair needs. This is a two-ingredient hair mask that saves a lot of time and tames your brittle hair instantly. 

How to make it: 


1. Take an equal quantity of coconut oil and honey 
2. Mix it together in a saucepan 
3. Heat up on medium flame for 1 or 2 minutes. 

Tons of benefits in less than an hour: 

Apply Hair Mask

Heating up the oil will help this hair mask reach the closed follicles that ensure moisture is matched to every inch. A pro tip for applying this mask would be applying it to wet hair, section your hair and never forget to focus on the troubling end you have to trim every now and then. 

Laziness use to reach its peak when traditionally we were told to leave the hair greased in oil overnight; hence this hair mask does its magic within 30 to 40 minutes. With just an hour of effort, you will achieve the gorgeous locks that anyone would covet for.

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