Does Mediation Before Bed Help In Sleeping Better?

Many of us have trouble sleeping but these meditation techniques reportedly help us fix our sleep routine.

Does Mediation Before Bed Help In Sleeping Better?
Does Mediation Before Bed Help In Sleeping Better?

In our busy, fast-paced lives we make sure to take time out to workout for a fit body or go shopping for those clothes we saw online. However, one thing that often gets ignored is our sleep.

Our sleep is something we do as a chore for survival, without much thought going behind the importance of it. But only a well-rested individual can take on the world tomorrow morning.

However, many a times even when we try sleeping to get at least eight hours of sleep we experience trouble doing that. 

Health experts have recommended mediation before sleep to fix our sleep cycle but does it really work?

Meditation Before Sleep

Meditation does help! It has proven to not just fix people’s sleep cycle but has been a tool for many individuals diagnosed with insomnia to treat the sleeping disorder through an all-natural way. It has also proven to help people do away with sleeping pills.

All you need is practice and some simple meditation techniques to help achieve a sound sleep.

Tried And Tested Ways Of Meditation

For these techniques to work, you need 10-minutes before bed time and a promise to do away with screen-time before sleeping.

Relaxing Sleep Music – For many people listening to music specially designed for mediation before sleep has helped them sleep better.

Tune into free relaxing sleep music available on YouTube or other music streaming platforms, at least five-minutes before sleep, dim the lights and get comfortable in bed and play the music.

5-minute Yoga Before Bed – Yoga can help you get the calm your body needs before it falls asleep. It helps release your body of stress, helping you get a sounder sleep.

Start with the grounding technique by waking up all your five senses and then do some light asanas, such as, neck rotation or cow cat.