Don’t Throw Used Tea Bags: Try These Useful Hacks

Tea bags can be used in other useful ways too!

Don’t Throw Used Tea Bags: Try These Useful Hacks
Used teabags can come handy too!

Sipping a hot cup of tea by the window and watching downpour is a blessing. But with it comes common illnesses like flu, cold, skin rashes, allergy and fever. Here comes into play your best friend – tea! Yes, tea can be used for beauty as well as other household purposes. Have you heard it before?

Apart from drinking tea which is an immunity booster for many tea lovers, it can be used in these few smart hacks. Give them a try and you just might be pleasantly surprised!

As a Furniture Polish

The tannins present in black tea make it a great wood polish. The easiest way to get a perfect wood shine is to swipe the used tea bag against a wooden surface and then rub with a dry cloth. The teabag should be a bit dewy but not soggy!

teabag polish

To clean your wooden floorings, soak teabags in a bucket of water and just mop!

Grease and Stain Remover

Tired of greasy pans after cooking? Well, you can remove grease and stains by putting used teabags or tea leaves with hot water in the sticky pan. Leave it overnight for the tannins to do its work. It will loosen up grease so that you can easily scrub in the morning.

teabag greasy pan

Mirrors, windowpanes and even your eyeglasses can also get cleaned using teabags. Just swipe a moistened teabag on the glass surface and wipe it with a tissue paper. You can also keep tea water in a spray bottle for your convenience. Use and observe the difference!

teabag window glass

Bad Odor Remover from Smelly Shoes

A common problem during monsoon is smelly shoes as it absorbs moisture and smells bad. But no worries when we have teabags at home!

smelly shoes

Put fresh teabags inside the shoes overnight and let the magic begin! As teabags are super-absorbent they will absorb all the smell-causing moisture.

teabag smelly shoes

Balcony/Garden Fertilizer

Try adding a little tea water to make your plants grow well. It will increase the nitrogen levels in the soil as well as balance the carbon-rich materials. 


Green Tea Steam For Glowing Skin

Green tea which is rich in antioxidants will give you a glowing skin. Also, its anti-aging properties prevent wrinkles. Add a few tea leaves in a steaming bowl of water and let the steam cleanse your face for about 10 minutes.

green tea steam

This hack is best for people suffering from flu or cold as it will clear the respiratory tract too.

Cure For Baggy Eyes

Tired and exhausted from work? Get your sparkling eyes back by placing two chilled tea bags over your puffy eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes and relax.

teabags eyes

The anti-irritant and antioxidant properties will reduce the swelling around your eyes and relieve tiredness.

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