Drama “Dunk” Presented A Message Full Of Misogyny That Made Critics Puzzled

Critics remained confounded over the mishandling of sensitive topics in dramas such as “Dunk.”

Drama “Dunk” Presented A Message Full Of Misogyny That Made Critics Puzzled

The Pakistani media industry is coming out with some general topics and societal issues to portray them in dramas similarly. If we point out “Dunk” today, it shows how the issues are mishandled while Pakistan faces a crisis of genocide and harassment. It’s undoubtedly true that people have an open option to change the channel if the content is inappropriate, but there's always a specific class watching these dramas. These dramas can handle the thought process of such public taking impact from contents in theatres. 

Getting back on the topic and speaking of something like the drama “Dunk” that tells the story of a girl named “Amal” and her cousin “Haider” whom she’s looking forward to marry. It moves forward when Haider gets into trouble for mistakenly forwarding a text message with some offensive picture to his teacher, Mrs Anjum. Therefore Mrs Anjum shared the misconduct with professor Humayun who asked the teacher to take the case forward. Here Professor Anjum became a victim of a false accusation of Amal, further it is shown professor commits suicide due to the disgrace of allegations of harassment that Amal planned against him. Additionally, the story is dragged while the drama should've concluded over some message, but the message was to show the evilness of women. In further episodes, Amal falsely accused her fiancé, who found out about her tactics and refused to marry her. 

Indeed, men and women both could be evil in the reality of life. Still, the issue is with the dramas using the sensitivity of topics such as “harassment” and making people believe that such things happen while, in reality, women are suffering to prove harassment faced by them. The whole concept of the drama was thought-provoking, while the maker Fahad Mustafa said, “Brands should set an example by working with the people who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment.” In reality, such topics could affect society badly by bringing out issues that can make people pass over the validity of this society. 


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