Drama Industry Has Been Upgraded, Saba Hameed

Saba Hameed says that Pakistani TV drama was not destroyed, but it has changed.

Drama Industry Has Been Upgraded, Saba Hameed
Saba Hameed

In a recent interview, veteran actor Saba Hameed shared her two cents about the selection of drama serials, "We are artists. We don't have to sit at home but work, so sometimes we have no choice, sometimes we know that the project we have signed has nothing special, but we have to do it. I have also compromised on the characters, but I try to sincerely perform my role in the drama I have signed."

Prem Gali actress also opened up about how important the production houses are, "Before signing any project, I also consider the impact of the drama on the viewers, including the writer, director, and production house because sometimes it happens that the story is outstanding, but the way of narration is not suitable, which makes the viewers change the channel and thus the drama flops."

saba hameed

Referring to the criticism on dramas, Saba Hameed said, "Some writers are writing well, and some are not writing well. Someone's storytelling is good, some are not, sometimes there is something wrong with the script, so we can't say that if the drama is not going well today, then the writer is responsible for it or destroyed the drama. The industry has just changed. Why are we declaring it a disaster when so many people are watching dramas. Attempts are being made to make plays according to the viewer's mood, so it should not be called a disaster."

Comparing the past and present working styles, Saba Hameed said, "During the PTV era, shooting was done two days a week, and regular rehearsals were held before the shooting. The whole scene was recorded in a single go. But now the entire drama is shot together. Small scenes are shot with a single camera, and we rehearse only during the camera movement, now it is not possible to sit and rehearse for 5 days, the technique of the past has changed, so it's better to upgrade yourself with time."

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