Drama Serial Jalan Given Green-light By Sindh High Court To Go On Air

Jalan's Win Is PEMRA's Loss

Drama Serial Jalan Given Green-light By Sindh High Court To Go On Air

Drama serial Jalan has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Ever since the drama's promos went on-air, there have been calls for it to be banned from airing. However, those calls for action were nothing compared to when the drama actually went on-air. People have been criticizing the drama ever since.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) took notice of this and decided to ban the controversial drama from being aired. PEMRA cited Jalan's ban over indecent and immoral content and while the move was welcomed by a large number of people, many still condemned it for curbing free speech.

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Many people thought that PEMRA's intervention and subsequent banning of the drama serial would be the end of the road for Jalan. However, it has breathed a second life today, thanks to Sindh High Court.

Drama Serial Jalan Given Green-light By Sindh High Court To Go On Air

In a bizarre turn of events, the Sindh High Court has reversed the ban on drama serial Jalan, allowing the drama to air its next episode as per its schedule, much to PEMRA's shock and disdain.

In a tweet earlier today by notable journalist and film critic, Omair Alavi, it was revealed that PEMRA had overstepped its mark and it was never in its control to ban the drama anyway.

As per the court’s decision, PEMRA has no right to put a ban on any on-air content as it is a regulatory body that is meant to regulate the content of a drama, not put a ban on it.

 It has also been revealed that there were some behind the scenes negotiations between Jalan's team and PEMRA to reach an amicable compromise. Talks about cutting out the objectionable content from the episodes were going on between the two parties. Looks like Jalan‘s team has succeeded in defending their controversial project as just a day before the new episode is to be aired, the ban on the drama has been lifted.

Jalan and its cast of Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani, and Areeba Habib live to see another day. The trio has received their fair share of criticism and online abuse over the content of the drama but they have remained steadfast.

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