Each Day At Work, I Seek Perfection In My Craft, Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar says, she aims to empower ambitious women in achieving their goals

Each Day At Work, I Seek Perfection In My Craft, Sana Fakhar
Sana Fakhar

One of Pakistan's most accomplished performers; Sana Fakhar today stands at a remarkably fulfilling professional juncture. Starting her career from Lollywood, she ruled the celluloid with numerous hit films. She then made her presence felt on Television and achieved glory. All these facts are well-known to anyone who has followed her career and life; she has done all that and more.  She has charted her own destiny, walked her own path, and created such a unique niche for herself that she's become an inspiration for a whole generation of actors. In this exclusive candid chat with HNH Style, Sana talks about her journey, movies, dramas, life, and what's next for her in store. Excerpts…

HNH Style: From ‘Sangam’ to ‘Yeh Dil App Ka Hua’, how do you look back at your journey?

Sana Fakhar (SF): It’s been a great journey; I have dedicated all my life to it. I have put in a lot of hard work and learned from my experiences. I’ve been fortunate to work with a set of diverse people who themselves were big achievers. The results have been fruitful throughout; I am active in the business for two decades and still counting. Each day at work, I seek perfection in my craft.

HNH: At this point in life, what would you like to add to your bucket list?

(SF): I would like to empower all the young women of society. I believe we have a separate set of misogynist norms for girls; for instance, they should get married and have kids at a certain age or they cannot pursue their career post marriage. I want to change such stereotypes that are deeply rooted in our society; women are well versed with the art of multitasking. I feel women should learn to be comfortable in their skin. All women are beautiful; I believe real beauty is all about being self-confident. In a nutshell, I aim to empower ambitious women in achieving their goals.

Sana Fakhar

HNH: Talking about your current projects; your role in the drama serial ‘Qayamat’ deals with infidelity. How important it is for you as an actor to highlight such issues?

(SF): I look out for characters that are challenging and trust me ‘Pari’ was a tricky one to play. As actors, we get into the skin of such people prevalent in the society with whom we don’t relate at all. So, pulling off a complex role with conviction was great fun. The earth-shattering TRP’s every week is a proof that people are enjoying the gimmicks of Pari Ji. (smiles)

HNH: Tell us a bit about your character in the upcoming feature film ‘Chaudhry’.

(SF): ‘Chaudhry’ is a biopic based on the real-life events of late SP Chaudhry Aslam Khan; a Pakistani police officer known for his strict actions against criminals. In the film, I play the ‘Choudhurani’ (Chaudhry’s wife). It’s a biopic so I can’t reveal much about my character. It was a different experience working on a biopic; I am excited to know the audience reaction once the film releases.

HNH: Do you have any plans for taking up direction?

(SF): Right now, I am enjoying acting, portraying diverse roles coming my way. Let’s see, when I will be ready for taking up the director’s hat. Until then I would keep on practicing a favorite quote of mine that says “if you are wise, just do what do want to do, but if you are a voice, you do what is needed”. I believe in the latter and if such a situation surfaces in future, I’ll surely give it a try.

Sana Fakhar

HNH: Regarding your husband, Fakhar Imam, what’s the one thing you find adorable about him?

(SF): Well, there a lot of things. Firstly, he is a great human being; he never acts like a typical husband. Secondly, he isn’t dictating about what I should do and what not to do. Thirdly, he is my best friend for life. I know he is there for me; he is my biggest support and strength.

HNH: Who’s more possessive?

(SF): We both are possessive about each other, especially towards our children. We mutually respect each other opinions.

HNH: Who makes up after a fight?

(SF): Fakhar (Laughs). (IssMoke Pe Mai Biwi Ban Jati Ho, Aur Wo Bhi Typical). In such situations, I act like a typical wife. 

HNH: How do you strike a balance between personnel and professional life?

(SF): It is quite a tough task; believe me, it isn’t a cup of tea. Each day has its own set of challenges; be it looking after the kids, keeping an eye on the household stuff along with managing my shoots and all. There isn’t any formula or limit to perfection, but I feel I am doing a good job to manage things to the best of my capabilities.

HNH: In terms of life lessons, what has been the biggest benefit to come out of this pandemic?

(SF): I’ve become more disciplined in life. The testing times are always a lesson, and the pandemic has a message for everyone. Self-isolation was a different experience for us, but it wasn't for many. I never realized until I came across such people who are living an isolated life. As of now, I’ve learned to be empathic; we shouldn’t leave the less privileged behind and respect them. I hope that this virus comes to an end soon and everything gets back to normal.

Sana fakhar

HNH: Your thoughts on social media trolling.

(SF): I love being on social media; I have made a rule and follow it religiously of not reading the comments. (Laughs) I feel negative people might be going through a misery; so I don’t react. All I can say is, they see their failure in my success, and resultantly they get annoyed and spread hate.

HNH: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

(SF): Apart from Chaudhry, I am working on two more feature films. One is ‘Qulfi’ directed by Saleem Daad; in which I am paired opposite Moammar Rana. The second film is ‘Umro Ayyar’ directed by Azfar Jafri. I recently wrapped up its shoot in Islamabad; my co-star in the film is Farhan Tahir. As for Television, I am a part of Fahim Burney’s drama serial ‘Tehra Aangan’ that is currently airing on Express TV. I am also doing another play for GEO TV directed by Sami Sani. Besides, there are some projects in the pipeline that are yet to go floor.

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