Easy Hairdos You Can Style For The Gym

These hairstyles will help keep the hair off your face as you exercise.

Easy Hairdos You Can Style For The Gym
Easy Hairdos You Can Style For The Gym

We often spend time and money looking at what clothes to wear at the gym and little thought goes behind making our hair. This leads us to tying our hair in a hurry that sometimes they fall right on our face, acting as a hindrance when we are trying to focus on our exercises.

So, it is better to take few minutes out before we head to the gym or begin working out at home to make these simple hairdos. They are fuss free and easy.

The Dutch Braid

American reality TV star Khloe Kardashian made the Dutch braid famous by wearing them often at the gym in her house.

The hairdo is as simple as tying a French braid and keeps your hair tied away from your face.

You can watch this easy Dutch Braid tutorial here:

The High Pony

This one is pretty simple and will take about two minutes to make. Just get a hair tie and two bobby pins. Brush your hair and pull them up, tie them with a hair tie and secure them with bobby pins.

The Fish Tail

This hairdo is a stylish touch to your everyday high pony hairstyle at the gym. All you have to do is tie your hair in tight high point tail and then braid the tresses coming out of the pony.

These hairstyles are not only simple to make but they will also make you look stylish while working out.