Easy Steps To Apply Lip color On Thin Lips

Create an illusion of fuller lips with these techniques

Easy Steps To Apply Lip color On Thin Lips
Easy Steps To Apply Lip color On Thin Lips

To all those ladies who have thin lips, haven’t you thought about the best way to apply the lip color? Do you know the correct techniques and products to apply on thin lips and make them look fuller? 
Below, we’re sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply lipstick for thin lips so you can put your best pout forward as part of your next makeup look.

1. Apply a Lip balm
Always start applying a lip balm to your lips, doesn’t matter whether you have thin or full lips. Remember, lipstick should not be applied on the dry lips. This can result in an equally dry, flaky lipstick application. Not to mention dry lips tend to look less filled. Smooth on your lip balm of choice to give yourself a hydrated canvas.


2. Over-line your lips
Over-lining your lips is the first trick for make thin lips appear bigger. Use a lip liner in a hue close to your natural lip color to line just outside of your natural lip shape. This will make your fuller pout believable. Cupid’s bow needss special attention, as it create a defined arch with your lip liner.


3. Choose Your Colors
Lip colors? Yes, it a plural. You’ll want to pick two coordinating colors. Specifically, choose options that are two shades apart. Make a general rule to stick with a lighter lip color as this will help aid in the illusion of fuller lips. Dark colors can actually make your pout look smallerwhich you will surely do not want. 

4. Apply your lip colors
Use a lip brush to help with precise application of lip colors and make blending your two shades. First, apply the darker shade to the outer corners of your lips. Then, apply the lighter shade to the center. Contour your lips with the help of lip brush to blend the two shades and their transition between colors. 


5. Highlight
Highlight the high points of your pout. Use your fingertip to enhance the full appearance. 


6. Contour
Apply a concealer in color that’s one to two shades darker than your skin tone just beneath the outline of your bottom lip.

7. Lip Gloss
Lip gloss should be used in pair by the girls who have thin lips. Glossy lips create a plumper effect as it reflects light.