Easy Steps To Moisturize Your Scalp

Essential To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Easy Steps To Moisturize Your Scalp
Moisturize Your Scalp

Having constant bad hair days, white flakes falling off from your hair. Dry scalp gets the blame. We emphasize moisturizing the body and rest of the skin, but the scalp needs some attention. A healthy base, i.e., your scalp, needs essential nourishments, too, because that's where the magic happens. It has the most significant role in hair growth, and flaky or dry scalp lacks development and causes unmanageable breakage. Get your scalp food through these nutritional tips and tricks. 

Mashed bananas: 

Mashed Bananas

Eating bananas is definitely mandatory to maintain a healthy diet, and applying a banana hair mask gives an excellent treatment to the scalp. 

How to apply:

Mash a banana and add it into the blender with a tablespoon of any hair oil of your choice. Apply and leave it for an hour. Don't forget to nicely massage your scalp in circular motions. 

Yogurt and egg: 


Yogurt and egg mask has been mentioned relating your hair when you buy a shampoo or watch an advertisement of hair care. Both the contents have benefits to relieve dry scalp. Yogurt contains good fats, and egg is a powerhouse full of protein that helps to prevent breakage. 

How to use: 

Take unflavoured yogurt in equal quantities and mix it with beaten egg vigorously. Massage your scalp with this mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes. 

Honey and coconut oil: 


All these ingredients are right there hiding inside your pantry, and they could come in handy now to make a perfect hair mask for instant results. Honey has immense cosmetic advantages. When honey is mixed with coconut oil, it can be used as a dose of moisture. 

How to make:

1 teaspoon of honey mixed with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. It would be great to warm up the coconut oil, helping to relax the scalp and reach the roots quicker. Massage and leave the mask for 30 minutes. Feel the change after wash!  

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