Effects Of Bullying

Effects Of Bullying
Effects Of Bullying

Have you ever been made fun of in a way that made you feel uncomfortable? Know that you are not alone. Whether you are in school or at your workplace, bullying amongst your peers can be a common practice. Regardless of it seeming normal and potentially harmless at times, bullying can have long lasting and adverse effects. 

Bullying can result in low self-esteem because many a times, even though you may not wish to, you end up believing all the names you are being called, and all the comments people keep making on your physical and emotional state. This low self-esteem can result in social difficulties; you could struggle in maintaining your relationships or even initiating relationships, such as making new friends. 

Other effects of bullying include feelings of shame, symptoms of anxiety and depression, self-destructive behavior, and trust issues. While some of these are short-term and may heal with time, others can develop and affect a person well into adulthood. Chronic depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts are all examples of long term risks of bullying.

Nevertheless, it is never too late to heal and work on yourself. If you feel that you need to recover from bullying that you faced years ago or even days or hours ago, here are some tips to help you in that process:

Acknowledge That You Were Bullied dismissing it or pretending it didn’t happen will only be an obstacle in the process of healing. Recognize that it happened and it was not because of you.

 Validate Your Worth by remembering who you are, and refusing to believe what identity the bullies prescribed to you. Only you know who you are, and it helps to recall your positive qualities.

Finally, Seek Help. If a counselor or therapist is not a viable option for you, talk to somebody who you trust and would understand your experience. Talking about what happened is a big step towards recovery. 


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