Ellie Goulding Is Back With An Emotional Album

Ellie Golding Says She Felt Like A Robot

Ellie Goulding Is Back With An Emotional Album
Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is an English singer and songwriter who has made a prominent name for herself in the musical industry. In 2010, she became the second artist to top the BBC's annual Sound of... poll and win the Critics' Choice Award at the Brit Awards in the same year.

Ellie released her debut album, Lights, in 2010 and it soared to No. 1 at the UK Album Charts. 

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However, after a five-year gap, Ellie Goulding is back with a bang. The singer has just dropped a very emotional album "Brightest Blue" and has revealed how her life has changed since her last release. 


The singer with a hit song like "Burn" is married to art dealer Caspar Jopling. She revealed how she struggled with her fame in 2016 and 2017 and stays that she doesn't even "remember" those years.

She said:

 "I'd just become a robot that was able to walk on stage and perform energetically and wildly. But actually I was just exhausted, and I don't remember any of it. I wasn't really able to enjoy anything properly ... I needed to at least have a trigger to remember all the places I've been to. There was a real temporary-ness to my life. It was all about survival. I didn't really get to understand who I was at the time."

She added: 

"It was like, 'Okay, so maybe I'm meant to suddenly become this ginormous pop star that has dancers and glitter and God knows what else on tour,' and I really enjoyed playing that role for a bit, but I didn't like wearing those outfits every night and I knew, deep down, it wasn't me."

Ellie Goulding Is Back With An Emotional Album

Ellie also revealed that she has confidence issues:

"I think a common misconception with me, and maybe with other performers, too, is that we're confident and that we're super 'out there'. But it is terrifying for me to go into a group of people and I think that's always been the case. When I look back at even being at school and college I am just a shy person. I don't have a huge amount of confidence. It is funny seeing myself on stage - when I have to watch myself back - you know, how I sort of taking on this confident role as a performer. But as soon as I'm off stage, that's gone again. I didn't attend a single afterparty on my tour. And they were every night. I didn't go to a single one. Too shy."

Fans of the singer can't wait to listen to her new album and shower her with praises, which she so richly deserves. 

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