Emotionally Distancing Yourself from Toxicity

How to emotionally detach from a toxic person

Emotionally Distancing Yourself from Toxicity
Emotionally Distancing

Have you ever felt like you were stuck with someone whose presence added negativity into your life or upset you in any way? Such people can be referred to as ‘toxic’. While some can be easily cut off, others are harder to ignore. They could be family or classmates; people who you have to retain interaction with. How can you deal with such people?

Set Boundaries - while toxic people do not react pleasantly to boundaries or limits, and may look at them as a kind of challenge, you can always alter the things that are in your control to be able to refrain from too much conversation or activity. For example, you can keep topics light and give brief, straightforward answers instead of elongating the discussion. Try not to invest too much of your time and effort into toxic people.

Pick Your Battles - you may not want to normalize the destructive behavior of toxic people, but it is not always practical to criticize it, because that could lead onto emotionally draining and effectively useless battles. Ask yourself if it is worth it to have a heart-to-heart with the toxic people in your life.

Acknowledge And Distance - acknowledging and recognizing the toxic people in your life is the first step to being able to distance yourself from them. You should ask yourself if their opinion really matters to you and if they really care about you. If not, then you shouldn’t worry too much about what they say or do. Even if you cannot create physical distance, distancing yourself emotionally is a real help. 

Make Use Of Your Support System - if you are lucky, you have a group of people whom you trust and are not toxic. You can vent to them about the toxicity you face, if only to get reassurance that you are not the problem. Your true allies will remind you of how glorious you are!

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