Engin Altan Decides To Take Legal Action Against Kashif Zameer

Turkish Actor Also Cancels The Contract With Kashif Zameer

Engin Altan Decides To Take Legal Action Against Kashif Zameer
Engin Altan Duzyatan

Actor Engin Altan had recently cancelled his brand ambassador contract with businessman Kashif Zameer.

In a press release regarding the contract's cancellation, the Turkish actor announced that he had cancelled the brand ambassador's agreement with the Pakistani company Chaudhary Group of Industries.

He said, Kashif Zameer did not fulfill any of the terms of the agreement despite the stipulated period, which is why we have unilaterally cancelled the contract.

Engin Altan and Kashif Zameer

In the press release, the actor had mentioned that he has no connection with Mian Kashif Zameer, Muhammad Ismail, his company Chaudhary Group of Industries, and will not have any future link.

Recently, the media office of Engin Altan issued another statement, according to which the previous press release regarding the contract's termination with the Pakistani company Chaudhary Group of Industries and Tik Toker Kashif Zameer is still valid.

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Voice of America reported the Turkish actor said that Kashif Zameer has to stop speculating rumors and false news about the actor. Otherwise, he has to face legal confrontation from our side.

Engin altan with sword

Engin Altan's media manager issued a press release that said that the Turkish actor has nothing to do with Kashif Zameer.

He said that Kashif Zameer was informed about the cancellation of the agreement.

The press release expressed surprise at the statements made by Kashif Zameer to the media and said that they are preparing to take legal action against the TikToker for his false statement.

Kashif Zameer had also claimed that the agreement with the Turkish actor has been leaked, but the entire contract has not been revealed to the media.

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