Esra Bilgic Is All Set To Become Peshawar Zalmi's Brand Ambassador

Esra Bilgic Has A Surprise For PSL Fans

Esra Bilgic Is All Set To Become Peshawar Zalmi's Brand Ambassador
Esra Bilgic

There are only two topics that are consistently trending in Pakistan these days - Coronavirus and Dirilis: Ertugrul. The latter has taken Pakistan by storm and sent shockwaves across Turkey amid its success. The star cast of the series is all everyone can talk about in Pakistan and political debates in the drawing-room have been replaced by Ertugrul debates.

One such cast member who has been enjoying a surge in popularity lately and basking in the limelight is the beautiful eyed actress, Esra Bilgic, also known as Halime Hatun on the show. 

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The actress has been enjoying unprecedented attention from Pakistanis and has seen a surge in her followers on Instagram and Twitter. Last week, she shared the news of working with three famous Pakistani brands very soon and also expressed her desire to visit Pakistan very soon, as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

Esra is again in the news and this time she has even better news to share. Pakistan is a cricket crazy nation and fans of the Pakistan Super League are in for a treat as Esra Bilgic would soon be announcing that she has signed on for Peshawar Zalmi as their brand ambassador!

Earlier, Peshawar Zalmi's owner Javed Afridi hinted at the possibility of Engin Altan, the actor who plays Ertugrul in the show, of becoming the Pashtun team's brand ambassador as well.


He then followed his earlier tweet up with another tweet where he asked his followers as to whether or not it would be a good idea to offer the role of a brand ambassador to Esra Bilgic as well. He posted:


Several people loved the idea and appreciated the Peshawar Zalmi owner for taking such bold steps.

Later, Esra Bilgic herself hinted at the possibility of becoming the team's new brand ambassador as she tweeted: 


We certainly hope that this crossover happens and we get to see Esra Bilgic don the yellow jersey of Peshawar Zalmi soon! 

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