Esra Bilgic Is All Set To Work With Famous Pakistani Brands

EsraBilgic Will Endorse Three Famous Pakistani Brands!

Esra Bilgic Is All Set To Work With Famous Pakistani Brands
Esra Bilgic

Ever since Prime Minister Imran Khan advised his fellow countrymen to follow a certain Turkish television series and learn from it, Dirilis: Ertugrul has taken Pakistan by storm. Its lead characters have become somewhat of a household name among Pakistanis, and none more so than the beautiful eyed EsraBilgic, also known as HalimeHatun.
Following the success of the television series, EsraBilgic has become a style icon in Pakistan and now the actress has revealed that she is going to work with some famous Pakistani brands soon. She said, “We will meet when all this is over when I will be working with Pakistani brands. I’m sharing, for the first time, that I’m about to work with three of Pakistan’s most loved brands. This will soon be announced by the press as well.”

However, the names of the brands have not yet been revealed and fans of the actress are waiting with bated breath to see which brands she ends up endorsing.

EsraBilgic Thanks Prime Minister Imran Khan

In a recent interview, the Turkish actress was full of praise for Prime Minister Imran Khan, and thanked him for airing the show in Pakistan.

“When I saw the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Turkish news channels, saying that a successful project such as Ertugrul should be aired on their local channel, I felt surprised and proud at the same time.”

Esra also expressed her wish to visit Pakistan as soon as the global pandemic takes a nosedive. “If we didn’t have a pandemic upon us, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now.”

Moreover, the actress has also given a hint about working in an untitled Pakistani documentary, shot at Lake SaifulMuluk or in the Hunza valley.

“The essence of the documentary will be to communicate with people in villages that are hard to reach and to photograph their lives. If they allow me, I would also like to stay with them in order to inform the whole world about their living conditions. Unless something goes against my plans, I hope to first begin working on this project within Turkey. But in the near future, you will also find me with my camera in Hunza Valley or at Lake SaifulMuluk.”

Esra Bilgic

EsraBilgic Turns Off Her Instagram Comments Section

Meanwhile, following a bombardment of moral policing from Pakistani men, EsraBilgic took the bold step to turn off the comments section on her official Instagram page. 
The step comes after many Pakistani men were critical of the way she dresses, and made their feelings known to her.


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