Esra Bilgic Is The New Brand Ambassador Of Jazz!

There Is Absolutely No Stopping Esra Bilgic!

Esra Bilgic Is The New Brand Ambassador Of Jazz!
Esra Bilgic

Ever since Prime Minister Imran Khan advised his fellow countrymen to follow a certain Turkish television series and learn from it, Dirilis: Ertugrul has taken Pakistan by storm. Its lead characters have become somewhat of a household name among Pakistanis, and none more so than the beautiful eyed Esra Bilgic, also known as Halime Hatun.

And as the Coronavirus pandemic and Dirilis: Ertugrul continue to dominate the trending topics in Pakistan, the star cast of the series is all everyone can talk about and political debates in the drawing-room have been replaced by Ertugrul debates. 

Moreover, Esra Bilgic is Pakistan's equivalent of Nazia Hassan in her absolute prime. The actress has seen a meteoric rise in her fame following the series' success in Pakistan and an endorsement by the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

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It was previously revealed that Esra Bilgic would work with at least three famous Pakistani brands. She later became the brand ambassador of QMobile as well. Now the beautiful actress is back with another massive brand endorsement! 

Enter Esra Bilgic: the new brand ambassador of Jazz Super 4G in Pakistan. The actress previously teased about her featuring in a new endorsement for a brand when she tweeted:


This tweet left fans bemused and everyone started speculating over her latest brand ambassadorship. The actress took to her social media yesterday and put an end to all the speculation when she announced her endorsement for Jazz in style. She tweeted:

"I think It’s time to tell the world. #DunyaKoBataaDo #JazzSuper4G @jazzpk"



The brand also tweeted on their social media platforms about the exciting partnership with Esra Bilgic:


Fans of the beautiful actress were again left in a state of amazement and trance by her stunning news. Some fans even went on to say that they would change their network coverage just for Esra:



Meanwhile, some people took it as an opportunity to have a go at Yasir Hussain, who has not been too pleased with Esra Bilgic hogging all the limelight recently.


Esra Bilgic has received widespread support amid criticism from actor Yasir Hussain over local brands not promoting Pakistani artists. 

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