Exercises For The Relief Of Your Lower Back Pain

Regardless of age, lower backache is so common these days!!

Exercises For The Relief Of Your Lower Back Pain
Back Pain

It's not compulsory to feel the lower backache at an old age. Nowadays, young people and kids also feel back pain and go through spinal problems. Some easy and less stressful exercises will reduce the pain and alleviate your muscles to work correctly.

Cobra Pose

It does seem like you're lying upside down on the floor like a cobra, ready to snap your enemy. For this, you need to put your arms straight, having your body weight pushed towards your shoulders, your elbows supporting your chest,  lifted from the ground. Let your hands give all the support to the chest, holding it back until you feel the lower back pain. This position helps recover your lower back, and it's incredibly beneficial if you have hupo-lumbar-lordosis.

cobra pose yoga

Cobra Pose

Prayer Pose

This pose requires you to bend down and make a posture as you are in SUJOOD, but your hands extended and stretched forward alongside your head, and the weight will be shifted onto your heels. This position is recommended after you are done with your cobra pose. It helps in the recovery of your lower back decompression. Breathe slowly and repeat regularly for 5 minutes. 



Superman Stretches 

It is a condition of a low-key Spiderman. You gotta act alike but unfortunately can not fly — lie upside down on your belly with your legs and arms in the air. Make sure not to fly high, as this might hurt your spinal cord. Keep your arms wide open and stretched with an approximately 6 inches gap between them and the legs. Your face must be facing down towards the ground. Maintain the position for two minutes, get back to the starting position, and then repeat for about three to four times.


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