Eye Lashes Secrets You Need To Know

Throw away your false lashes because these tricks really work.

Eye Lashes Secrets You Need To Know
Eye Lashes

Often, people don't even realise how the eyelashes are thinning. As soon as the trend of false lashes hit our doors, we started glueing, unintentionally plucking and damaging our lashes a lot. However, lash lifts or extensions are also an alternative, but why not hit the root cause to get thick, mane-looking lashes. Not everyone is blessed with those big lashes and look for other alternatives that can dangerously cause several infections, so switch to the natural remedies just at your home, which will work wonders in front of your eyes. Using the natural method will not just help with the growth but hydrate and enhance it too. 

Fuller Lashes With Vitamin E Oil: 

It may sound basic, but eyelashes can be treated just like you do your hair care; properly, moisture and slight massage is somewhere necessary too. A way to make your eyelash appear longer is by keeping them dipped in hydration of vitamin E oil. Not to forget that vitamin E oil is a very reasonable option and works at the main breakage ground. 

Fuller Lashes With Vitamin E Oil

Try Messaging Your Eyelids:

While massaging the eyelids, you have to be quite gentle. Just like the scalp, the massage will stimulate growth on eyelids resulting in fuller lashes. The good news is that this will relieve your stress and helps you relax too.

Try Messaging Your Eyelids

Use Of The Famous Castor Oil: 

Castor oil is a potential ingredient that helps to prevent hair loss and carries 90% ricinoleic acid. The most popular eyelash serum use castor oil, so why can't we. For lusher lashes, get your hands on castor oil. 

These solutions get dramatic lashes; for reaching till roots, use a mascara wand to apply the oils properly.

Castor Oil

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