Face Pack That Will Remove Dark Spots and Pigmentation

An easy skincare face pack with 3 ingredients only!

Face Pack That Will Remove Dark Spots and Pigmentation
Face pack for dark spots and pigmentation

Do you have dark spots on your face? Or patchy skin with different complexion which can be seen through naked eyes? You must be dealing with a condition hyper pigmentation then. Women working in kitchen all the daylong do have these dark patches. There is nothing to worry about when we are here. Easy and simple home remedies with ingredients right from your kitchen can work for you.

Ingredients for your dark patches face pack:

Gram flour or besan (1 tablespoon)

Yogurt (2 tablespoons)

Turmeric (1 teaspoon)

Method To Apply

Form a smooth paste by mixing all the ingredients well.

Apply evenly on to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes maximum.

besan haldi face mask

When it is dry, you will scrub it off gently instead of rinsing it. This step will exfoliate your skin and remove pigmentation.

After scrubbing, use normal tap water to rinse.

Apply toner or moisturizer to lock in the goodness of the ingredients.

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Yogurt has lactic acid which helps in dealing with dead skin. Scrubbing the face pack will help in cleaning the pores resulting in a much brighter complexion. On the other hand, turmeric holds a historic place as a key ingredient for skincare. It causes a healthy skin glow and helps in reducing uneven dark spots.

A traditional concoction of gram flour and rice flour known as ‘ubtan’ is used for the brides to get a glowing skin. This exfoliation process will surely give your happy days back with a brighter face that has no dark and uneven patches.