Factors Affecting Muscle Strength

We Take A Look At Some Factors That Affect Muscle Strength

Factors Affecting Muscle Strength
Muscle Strength

Muscle strength relates to a person's ability to move and lift objects. Muscular strength is measured by how much force a person can exert and how much weight they can lift for a short period of time.

Some people develop muscles faster than others, even when they are both performing the same intensity of exercises and following the same diet plan. That puts many people off as they feel that they must be doing something array and it lowers their overall self-esteem.

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There are certain factors that affect a person's ability to gain muscle strength and development. We have no real control over most of them. 

1. Muscle Fiber:

There are two types of muscle fibers, namely 'slow-twitch' and 'fast-twitch'. People with slow-twitch muscle fibers can put them to more efficient use by taking aerobic activities that help with cardiovascular functions. Such endurance activities are well-suited to them. On the contrary, fast-twitch fibers are best for anaerobic activities, such as weightlifting, etc.

Factors Affecting Muscle Strength

2. Muscle Length:

People who have short limbs are able to lift more weight as they have more leverage and help from their arms and legs. People with relatively long muscles have greater potential for developing size and strength than those with relatively short muscles.

Factors Affecting Muscle Strength

3. Gender:

Men's and women's muscle tissue is relatively the same. However, men generally have more muscle tissue than women do because muscle size is increased by the presence of testosterone. This is why most men are stronger than most women but that is not always the case. 

Factors Affecting Muscle Strength

4. Age: 

This is one factor where we have little or no control whatsoever. Studies show that people of all ages can increase their muscle size and strength as a result of a safe and effective strength training program. However, 10-20 is the best age to attain strength and muscle more rapidly and effectively. 

Factors Affecting Muscle Strength

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