Fahad Hussayn’s Latest Collection Music Video

A Grand Bazaar Of Curiosity Or Confusion?

Fahad Hussayn’s Latest Collection Music Video

Pakistani designer Fahad Hussayn has made a comeback with his latest fashion line São Banjara.  He displayed his latest collection in a solo show, all pieces were embroidered and embellished with traditional techniques, making them good enough to be categorized as heirloom pieces. 

Fahad Hussayn took the audience through a memory lane in his solo show, which received great praise and appreciation from them. He also released a promotional music video or a fashion film, quite like he has for his previous collections. The video boasts of big industry names like Urwa Hocane and Mikael Zulfiqar, including choreographer and performer Wahab Shah with his dance troop. 


Like most of the things and people in our country right now, this music video also looks heavily inspired by the Turkish culture. The video opens with a bazaar set up with tents and traditional colorful Turkish carpets, spices and other ornaments, while models dressed in Fahad Hussayn’s creations shop on a sunny afternoon. Meanwhile, a troop of entertainers and nomads (banjaras) make way to the royal wedding and end up in the same bazaar. 

Urwa Hocane

The dancers are dressed in Banjara clothing and dancing to an extremely Turkish influenced tune. Urwa Hocane sizzles in her Banjara attire and gorgeous headpiece, totally playing the part with her awesome moves. 

The on-lookers all stop and look at the performance, Urwa and Mikael perform together but the video ends abruptly without any closure or conclusion. 

We can’t say if we understood the whole concept or what it was knit around because the video left a lot of loose threads but we loved the performances and it definitely left us asking for more. Fahad Hussayn also directed the music and the song is sung by Rehan Saeed, Imran Saeed and Roshanay Bano. 

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