Fahad Mustafa Faces Backlash For Dunk!

The Internet is furious and we have all the details why!

Fahad Mustafa Faces Backlash For Dunk!
Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa and Big Bang’s latest production, Dunk is receiving major backlash from the audience even before it’s release. Starring actor Noman Ijaz as a university professor who has been falsely accused of sexual harassment by a student (Sana Javed) and has to deal with repercussions of that blame, that ends up destroying his personal and professional life.

Now even if we think that this subject has been picked up by the producer, writer and director to show the ills of this society, we can’t close our eyes to the fact that the number of women that have been sexually harassed triples in comparison to people who have been falsely accused on sexual harassment. 

In an interview Fahad spoke about his responsibility to tell the right story and that it’s a "tribute to the victims who have been wrongly accused and that as a producer it is my responsibility to tell every kind of story".

The idea might have come from good intention but has infuriated the female audience, which is not only the prime viewer but has also been subjected to harassment of some kind through out their lives. 

Fahad Mustafa ran to rescue by saying, “ This topic is very close to my heart”, explaining the audience the pain of losing work and dealing with personal loss because of one lie. 
“I think brands should take a stand and set an example by working with the people who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment, to support them and clear their name,” he added.

One would stop him and ask, have you never wondered about the rape or sexual harassment victims? Have you not wondered how they not only lose work but also their will, motivation and trust to continue in this world? Are those stories not important?