Faisal Rao Is A Fraud Man; Says The Second Wife Of Nadia Khan's Husband

Faisal Rao is not a hero. He has ruined the lives of two women: Allegations of his ex-wife.

Faisal Rao Is A Fraud Man; Says The Second Wife Of Nadia Khan's Husband
Faisal Rao and Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan shared a YouTube video with her husband on February 7, in which she told the whole story of her first meeting with her husband and marriage. In response to the video, Faisal Mumtaz Rao's ex-wife Lubna Farooq, who claims to be Faisal Rao's second wife, uploaded a video on her YouTube channel and made several revelations about Faisal Rao.

Lubna Farooq also claimed that she is the second wife of Faisal Rao, Nadia Khan is the third wife.While before these two, Faisal Rao had married another woman named Shama, and she had also separated from him. But this is on the record. Off the record, I don't know how many more marriages Faisal Rao has had.

Faisal rao and nadia khan

In her YouTube video, Lubna Farooq said that she had a marriage before Faisal Rao, but she had separated from her first husband. Before I married Faisal Rao, I worked as an in-house product manager in the Prime Minister's Office in Bahrain, and two days before the wedding, Faisal's first wife, Shama, sent me messages not to marry Faisal, but I did. I was so in love that I ignored Shama's words, and to marry Faisal Rao, I left my dream job in Bahrain, got married, and came to Dubai.

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Lubna Farooq further said that before marriage, Faisal Rao was claiming love for me, but his reality was revealed to me after marriage. In Dubai, Faisal Rao imposed many restrictions on me, did not allow me to meet anyone, and did not allow me to talk, I was left entirely alone.

After the marriage, it was revealed to me that Faisal had a lot of problems. He used to say that black magic was being performed on us, and this black magic was being performed by his first wife.

Faisal Rao also threatened to kidnap my son and said that my son would be picked up and dumped in Waziristan. Lubna also shared an audio message from Faisal Rao's first wife in which she said it was in the nature of this man to harass a woman.

Lubna also revealed that Faisal Mumtaz Rao had been fired from his job as an Air Force pilot in Dubai and that he had blamed me for it. Things got so bad that after eight months of marriage, we separated, and interestingly, the very next month after our divorce, he got engaged to Nadia Khan.

Lubna said that the way Faisal Rao is becoming a hero and icon of women is not a hero, but he has made many blunders, ruined the lives of two women, lied, and committed fraud. I pray that he does not do all this with Nadia Khan now.

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