Faizan Sameer Becomes First Pakistani Football Coach To Get Selected For UEFA CFM

Manager and head coach for Team Eighteen Faizan Sameer made a big achievement.

Faizan Sameer Becomes First Pakistani Football Coach To Get Selected For UEFA CFM
Faizan Sameer

We have seen Faizan Sameer as a famous digital content creator and popular for his fun-loving persona, though very few people knew what he does as a job. Just like his unique personality, Faizan Sameer’s work is unique too. He is working for the future of football in Pakistan; Faizan Sameer is the head coach and manager of Team Eighteen. 

He is the first participant from Pakistan who has been selected for UEFA CFM. 

Only 35 participants from around the globe were selected in the UEFA CFM by following a thorough selection process, Faizan Sameer got established professionally, and in contrast, he secured a position among football professionals worldwide. It’s a considerable achievement and unbelievable for Pakistan, where there are not a lot of resources for footballers. 

According to Faizan Sameer, he has been playing football since childhood, and his dream is to become a professional footballer. Once he got the chance to work in Team Eighteen, he saw his dream come true. Team Eighteen is basically the futsal team that was created by Tarek Hamdy; the overall purpose of the program is to provide a platform to players who can flourish in all aspects of life. 

Team Eighteen is one of the leading futsal clubs in Islamabad for the players.

Pakistan has been deprived of football for a long time, yet the country has some of the most enthusiastic players, and we wish the best for Faizan Sameer to encourage and refine the image of Pakistan in football. He aims to bring the practices of European Football to Pakistan once he receives the certification. His comprehensive course will address the key area of football management with fundamental knowledge of people working in the football industry.  


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