Faizan Shaikh's ‘Dafan’ Highlights The Horrors Of Street Harassment

A Short-Film That Raises Awareness On The Issue, Finally!

Faizan Shaikh's ‘Dafan’ Highlights The Horrors Of Street Harassment
Poster of Drama Dafan

Sometimes the most common crimes are the ones that are not highlighted enough. They become so rampant and are brushed off in the guise of normalcy. Among many crimes, street harassment remains to be the most frequent, recurring and equally dangerous - yet you don't see many platforms raising voice against it. In the majority of cases, if not curbed street harassment leads to incidents of sexual assault.

In a long-awaited first for Pakistani screens, Faizan Sheikh’s upcoming short-film ‘Dafan’ attempts to open conversations about this heinous crime which haunts thousands of women across the country and even the globe. Dafan realisticall portrays the prevalent culture of street harassment and rape in the country, featuring Faizan Sheikh in a negative avatar. This will be a first for Sheikh, as his fans have always seen in charming, chirpy roles! It is also good to see him experimenting with news roles which he hasn't stepped into before.

How was your experience portraying a tough role like this?

It was very challenging. I don’t think it was because of the negative role, but because of the nature of its coldness and negativity. That being said, I am glad to be a part of this project, and I hope that the message we have tried to put across is loud and clear.

You have a lead role in the film, tell us about?

Well it is a negative role. I play a rickshaw driver who is morally corrupt. Owing to the nature of this character, he is someone capable of committing a dangerous crime. His act makes for the crux of the story.

You are an actor, host and director. Which one do you enjoy the most?

Acting for sure but direction is also a passion that I wish to take ahead and make big in life.

The script for ‘Dafan’ is penned and directed by Bilal Yousufzai. Apart from Faizan Sheikh, the short film also stars Ifrah Khalid, Daniya Kanwal, Rais ur Rehman in significant roles.

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